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The Many Areas Of Weight Loss

Welcome to my Weight Loss Blog, enjoy Your stay.

Weight loss covers many areas of our lives. It seems like all of us from time to times are in need of losing weight. Often as we age we find the weight starts to pick up. Our metabolism is slower and we exercise less. Often we end up eating more because we sit around more. 

Weight loss is a wide area and covers a big field. We will look at many different areas as we get this blog site going. There are many different diets on the market to lose weight with. Some work and some do not. It varies from person to person just how well the weight loss program or diet works. What works for one person may not work from another. 


Different Areas Of Weight Loss

You can divide weight loss up into several areas. You have people losing weight by just cutting back on the amount of food they eat. You may also change the types of foods you eat. Going from a high fat and high sugar diet to a healthier low fat low sugar diet could be all you need to do to lose weight. Eating the same amount of food but eating healthier food may be the key to some peoples problem with having too much weight on the body. For some healthy diet tips on this visit the Healthy Diet Resource site.

Some of us need a little help to make a healthy lifestyle change in the foods we eat, our exercise patterns and our daily living. Making small changes over a long period of time may be all that is needed to lose weight. Leaving the sugar out of that morning cup of coffee, walking to the store that is a couple of blocks away, eating just a little less each day are little ways to make small changes that add up.

High Energy Workouts

If you are able to do,  health permitting, high energy workouts, you are in a great position to lose weight. Many of us are able to walk and just concentrating on extra walking will help. If our health and body is in condition to do other forms of exercises then as little as a half hour a day is all that is needed to lose your desired weight. Look at this article on how to calculate calories burned by doing a variety of different exercises. You can see that you can burn 200 to 400 calories in a half hour doing some exercises.

Most Can Do Low Energy Workouts

I personally cannot do most of the high impact exercises and will stick to brisk walking and burning 75 to 100 calories in a half hour. I set my treadmill to a speed of 2.8 to 3.6 miles an hour at an incline of 1 to 2. My goal is to do this short walk every day and get in 1 to 3 miles depending on how I feel. Being limited to what you can do to lose weight is something I am very well familiar with. I would love to be able to do a high energy workout and most that will be reading this will probably feel the same way but can't. 

This post has gotten a little longer then I wanted it to be. Getting carried away with thinking about how it was when I could walk 5 to 10 miles in a couple of hours along the beaches of Mississippi. This weight loss blog will talk about mostly simple things a person can do to lose weight.

Some of the following will be covered in time:

- Exercises like walking and swimming.
- Eating less food.
- Eating healthy food to lose weight.
- Taking weight loss supplements.
- Healthy vitamins and minerals.
- Weight loss plans and programs.
- Ingredients in weight loss products like garcinia cambogia, ginsen, caffeine and many others.

Conclusion Of Weight Loss For Today

Above is just a short list of items I hope to see covered in this weight loss blog. I hope people will join in and add a comment or two from time to time. Many of the articles that will be added to this site will be written by myself or my wife Robin. We also have a another blog called Weight Loss Sites which will be about weight loss articles and sites. This is also a fairly new site.  I will do my best to post something on a regular basis as this is just one of several different types of blogs I have. This is the only one where I give a more personal account of how I will be losing weight. I hit 266 lbs last month at my monthly medical checkout. I had some problems and setbacks that caused the weight to pile on. Depression, lack of exercise and eating everything in site has caused me to start this blog. I figured that this may help me be more accountable for what I do to lose weight and get my health back to where I can walk 2 miles without too much pain. That's another subject of its own.

My Weight Loss Updates will Be Posted Here
December 2014 Weight Loss Update - I lost 6 lbs in December 2014 when I had my monthly weigh in. I'm down to 260 lbs. I still have much more to lose and am adding a weight loss tea and ganoderma mushroom in capsules form to my weight loss plans.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back and visit again in the future. At the present time I am working on my "Work From Home" business site. This covers a broad spectrum of businesses but also lets me cover more topics on my website. Hopefully I do not run out of things to write about.


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