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Healthy Living

The Key To Life In Healthy Living

There are many things we can do to contribute to our own healthy living. Eating the right foods and exercise on a regular basis is a start. Many times we suffer from an unhealthy mind. Our thinking is not the best or we dwell on subjects that bring us down. This is something many struggle with and it is often hard to identify and correct. 


Yes I am a victim of this struggle and I hope writing about it will help me. I suffer from depression, overweight condition, lack of exercise and poor eating habits. I am slowly coming around right now. I have started eating more vegetables and stopped using sugar in my coffee. I am also guilty of eating a half gallon of ice cream in one day. I love my ice cream but I always go overboard with it. So I am better off not even bring it into the house. I now just order a cone our a scoop while out on the town with the wife.

Depression can eat away at you and steal your life. I know that for a fact! Much of my depression comes from the pain my body is in. Pain meds help some but I still have bad bouts and I have to fight off the pain. It can definitely get the best of you. 

Healthy Living With What You Have

Sometimes you have to look around and see that others are in a lot worst position then you or me. Many people would love to be where we are and would trade places with us right now. Count your blessings and be happy you can be reading this and are healthy and educated enough to read this. Most reading this are still doing OK compared to 90% of the people in the rest of the world. May God bless them all!

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